What They Forgot To Teach In Your MBA Program

 Skills Every Business Person Needs To Have

You learned all about how to master the business game, but very little about how to master the inner one.  And that inner game is the difference between languishing in middle management and moving into the C-Suite.  If you can’t master the skills required to maintain your grace under fire, you’re seriously limiting your ability to succeed.

Grace Under Fire - Maintaining Your Personal Power In Stressful Situations

In this in-depth presentation, you’ll discover the secrets to mastering the inner game.  Use this program to self-diagnose the issues that you need to address in order to take a quantum leap forward on your path to success.  In three videos of 13-25 minutes, you’ll learn more about yourself and why you do the things you do than many people learn in YEARS of therapy.  Learn why people are constantly telling us “they didn’t teach us this in MBA school and they really should have!  This information is invaluable to being successful in business!”


Video 1


(12 min)


Video 2


(15 min)


Video 3


(25 min)

Grace Under Fire: Claim Your Space Intensive

We offer a one-day intensive to provide a full-framed foundation to creating your own sense of Grace Under Fire.  We offer these programs in our venues on a regular basis.  We are also available to bring this powerfully transformational program to your organization.  Please contact us for more information.

Bring Our Grace Under Fire Presentation To Your Organization

 Grace Under Fire:  Maintaining Your Personal Power in Stressful Situations

Would you like to bring our powerful one-hour presentation to your company, non-profit, or other organization?  We’d be happy to oblige!  There is no cost for this program so long as you are within 1 hour of our office in Somerville, MA*.  To schedule your presentation, please contact us.

(*We are available to present in other areas, but charges would apply.  Please contact us for more information.)

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Tesseract TransformationXing Hu
“Yesterday, I had a reunion with participants of the workshop that I attended.  I felt strong love and connections with my fellow participants. Two weeks after my workshop, the bond and connections remained strong. Building a community might not be on your top priority list when you choose to come to the workshop, but the fact of a strong community born out of the workshop testifies to the energy work and transformative impact of the workshop.  If you know what you want to do, certainly come to the workshop. You will learn some magical and energetic approaches for your strategizing and gain important insights of yourself, and get bound with a hard found community of like-minded healers and believers. If you do not know what you want to do, the workshop is your best first step… Considering it a therapeutic, transformative retreat to help you unlock and unstuck.  I recall that three days after the workshop, I was still reeling in the energy and joy from the workshop.”